How to Reduce the Threat of Weed Infestations

Landscaping Tips for Keeping a Healthy Garden without Any Weeds

The quality that makes a yard with a lawn and a garden charming is the order and cleanliness of the landscape. Everything is in order and harmony. Once the plants begin to grow tall and wild, however, the yard starts to lose its charm. The situation is pretty much the same when it comes to weeds too. They can ruin the look of your home easily.


What you need to know about weeds is that they are a constant threat to any yard. They spread rapidly, and if you do the landscaping on your own, they can be a big pain in the neck for you. As an experienced lawn care contractor, I will give you several tips and ideas that will help you make your weed removal a bit easier:

  • Sometimes, the simplest way to do something is the best way to do it. When it comes to weed removal, this is quite true. All you need to do is uproot every plant that you come across. Just make sure you make regular yard inspections, and don’t put it off for later.
  • To prevent weed infestations in general, you need to divide your yard in areas and monitor them. For example, you can wrap your flower beds with plastic sheets to separate them from the surrounding environment.
  • Mulch is also a good thing to use. It helps prevent soil erosion and protects against weed infestations. Also, it helps keep the soil moist for longer, so it’s a pretty useful thing to have. If you don’t know how to work with mulch, consult with a landscaping company.
  • If you prefer to fight fire with fire, you can plant some crowd-resistant plants to suffocate the weeds. Plants like that are very competitive and quickly push out other species, so the weeds won’t stand a chance.
  • Weeds grow where there is an abundance of water and nourishment. If they infest a certain area of your yard, you should take a closer look at it and make sure that you are not irrigating too much.

If you can’t seem to handle it or don’t have the time for it, just call a landscaping contractor. If you don’t know any reliable companies on your area, then just give ABGB Enterprise of Levittown, NY a try! Reach us at (516) 206-8021!